When you’re nominated by someone – it means something. To the person you’re nominating and to this project.

One of the greatest gifts you can give another individual is to see something in them that either the world or they don’t even see in themselves. By nominating someone, you’re also playing a role in breaking conventional thinking and showing people what is possible by living See past what you know.

By nominating someone, this will represent the worlds effort to bring these stories into the light. A story that is yet to be told.

1. Your nomineee is required to have a talent in the sports or *the arts field.

2. Your nominee can be a current professional, former professional, emerging talent, secret talent or someone the world should know of but doesn’t.

3. Keep your nomination secret. I want to capture their reaction - so don’t tell them that you’ve nominated them.

4. Whether they are in the public light or not, the one common criteria is that the true person that they are is unknown (to the public).

5. A story that is yet to be told.

* Artists as defined by this project includes: Muscians, Writers, Cinematographers, Actors/Actresses, Photographers, Painters, Poets, Sculpters, Makers, Performers. Any talented individual who expresses themselves in artist platforms.

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